United. Indivisible. One Nation under God. 

WhichWich is doing this #flagyourbag thing for July 4th to try and amp up the masses for the big holiday. But if you take a closer look, you'll see lots of bags colored with the same red and blue ... but not aspatriotically as the rest. Some read, "go lions!" while others read, "I like turtles," and, "RIP Halle Scott." It stood out to me so much that some looked different, but they all looked like they belonged. "United We Stand." Even when our temperatures vary and our hearts hurt, and sometimes just when we're curious about wetland creatures... UNITED, We Stand. The American Flag might be our country's banner, but it stands true that Jehovah Nissi, "The Lord is my banner," flies high above any banner over any nation. And the mystery of the gospel is that everyone is welcome and that God sees the banner over everyone's heart. So go ahead nation, write your hurts on your bag and share that bag with safe people who will not just care for your bag but also your precious heart. Because we need to be seen, and we need to be loved and we need to be loved well. It'll take some time, sure ... all wonderful things do. But, open up and let the light in loves. Let the Lord love you like He wants to. It'll require some vulnerability and it'll be really tough, but your soul deserves to be seen by kind people who know the love of the Lord. They're out there, friend. Seek them & you'll find them. They look like compassion, and more than likely they'll cross the street to meet you. Jesus loves you so much.💕