|| G R A C E ||••• It doesn't make sense, but somehow it brings life. How does that happen? How is it that a word can break chains when gifted to another? I've been pondering that a lot this week and the conclusion I've come to is thIs: it doesn't. The word grace doesn't break a single chain especially when one person decides to flippantly hand it over to another in exchange for grace given back to them at a later date. But when Grace wrapped Himself in flesh and stepped into space and time, lived spotlessly, died dreadfully, rose victoriously, walked around for all to see, yet WE get the victory?! And He doesn't ask for anything in return, only that we love Him in return and let Him lead our hearts and see our hearts. ... See I think when we approach the Lord hoping to gain something from Him, the view we have of grace and mercy and even love might be that those are just gifts He bestows. But intimacy with the Lord, the kind that sits in front of Him and let's Him see all of our mess and just cries out to Him for help and for forgiveness ... intimacy is what leads us into the inner sanctuary. Intimacy with the Lord allows us to see that love and grace and mercy aren't temporary and they aren't based on our performance ... intimacy with the Lord allows us to recognize that Jesus embodies the definitions of all of those words and that they are permanent, intimacy draws us closer, intimacy is the pursuit, intimacy is the forehead kiss on humanity. Intimacy allures us into a full on love affair with the God of the universe, not because we're good enough but because He's sufficient for us both. 💕