RadiantJesus, You give us the courage to walk face first into our story and say, "This happened. Maybe I caused it or maybe I didn't, but it did happen. But because of you and because my identity rests in you rather than people around me whose opinions vary, I never have to carry shame again. Shame tells me that I AM what I've done wrong. Guilt tells me that the thing I did was wrong, not that I am wrong."  Shame attaches itself like a leach to my soul and makes me stiff arm You because if I AM what I've done, certainly I could never be good enough for You. Shame tells me I'm too far gone for You to reach me. Shame lies to me and tells me that You're NOT the God who parted the waters for Israel to walk through on dry ground and therefore reduces You to a good idea rather than a good, good Father. Thank You that You not only take shame away and allow us to walk in daily freedom knowing that we're found in You, but that You chose to wear our shame for us because only You have power to abolish it forever. Thank You that we could never be good enough for You because it shows just how sovereign and holy that You are, and thank You that You so desperately want intimacy with us that You wrapped Yourself in flesh and walked among us like You told the prophets You would do. You are our provider and sustainer, but more than that You're our sweet and kind Father who isn't a tyrant but rather a torch that forever burns with an all consuming love for a people so separate from You that You must be in active pursuit every day of their hearts. Thank You that Your songs of possibility remind us that the language Shame speaks is a tongue only spoken in hell. Thank You for never speaking to us in words that tell us to be ashamed for what we've done, but that tell us "I see you. I see you and I love you in the midst of your darkness and I'm alluring you out of it. My light has no relationship with that darkness, but know that darkness WILL NEVER invade light ... light always invades darkness. It might take your eyes some time to adjust and I'll wait for you, but I won't stop invading your darkness. I am in the business of establishing your worth." Help us to remember Your song as we walk forward in this new understanding of You. Remind us as we talk to people and engage in relationship that if the words we speak don't agree with Your Holy Spirit, then not only are they wrong to say but more importantly that they agree with hell and the death it so wants us to operate in. Let our words to the world reflect how tremendously we are loved by You so that it spurs the world on toward relationship with You. Help us to realize that when we reach out to hurt other people with our words and our actions, we are compensating for a hurt inside our hearts that only You can heal when invited in. Remind us before we speak that hurting others brings Your kingdom expansion to a halt in our ambassadorship, and remind us that our words are to given to us that we might build each other up.  Help us to be so found and grounded in Your spirit that our soul cries for those who aren't and that it places within us a fervor to allow Your overflow to lavish those hearts with Your living water. We have an opportunity to either partner with You or to partner with the enemy as we walk through this life. Help us remember as You sing over us that Heaven is the way everlasting and help us to remember that we impact the future citizenship of Heaven with every word we speak. We love You, sweet Jesus. Help us love You more. Remind us of Your beautiful song that rejoices over those who are found in You and encourage our hearts to sing those songs over humanity so that our impact on heaven is beautiful. Thank You for not leaving us to walk alone, but for walking alongside and leading us so well. We love You and we can't wait to love You even more.