Grace in Good Company


Levi Lusko brought some fierce truth this past weekend! "What you're healed from, you get to hold." That's what I like to call "victory." ... "You mean God's going to make a trophy out of the trial once He brings me out?" ... Yes. That's why He tells us all the before stories of His people in the Bible. •••

-Israel before the promised land? Vagabond wanderers who disobeyed.

-Ruth before Boaz and eventually the great-grandmother of king David? Raised in a kingdom that sacrificed children as an offering to their god.

-The man at the pool of Bethesda? Lame. For 38 years.

-Saul who was given his sight back by Ananias? Spiritually blind.

-Moses, who led Israel across the Sea bed and through the desert to the promised land and also received the law from THE VERY FINGER OF GOD? An Egyptian prince by adoption.


Listen, you CAN NOT run far enough from God that He will stop His pursuit of you. That thing you're carrying with you that's keeping you stuck? If you'll let the Lord in, He'll set you free to use it for His glory in the kingdom. You're not the first person to feel far from God and you won't be the last. You're never going to stop feeling His pursuit of your heart, but it's going to be your choice to either accept His freedom and deliverance or to leave that option on the table. You can't outrun grace, friends. How beautiful is Jesus?