Freedom is Waiting

I hear it all of the time, "I've done too much for God to love me or to be proud of me. Surely He has left me out for the wolves." ••• Friends, please understand that God does not reside in a box. He resides outside of the parameters of time and space and also within those parameters because His Holy Spirit resides within us. He's boundless and majestic and so is His love for you. Hear me friends ... you will not EVER be able to do ANYTHING that stops God's pursuit of your heart and full attention to His glory. So how about we stop hiding our dark secrets from the God who has infinite love for us? When Jesus died and the veil was torn it allowed us to walk into His presence, filth and all, with "all boldness" knowing that He's our Daddy who provides grace and forgiveness EVEN IN THE FACE of our dirty, grungy past and maybe our present. When God calls us in, He invites us into His light to forgive us when we ask and because His word says that He is light and there is NO darkness within Him ... it's His pleasure to cleanse us and in the place of sin and hurt in our lives, He inserts His love and kindness. Hear me friend, if you are hiding from God you are hiding from the One who has the power to take away your shame and your guilt and to repurpose it all to bring glory to His name. Be vulnerable with Jesus. Tell Him your darkest secrets, the ones He already knows, and ask Him to forgive them and to lead your heart and then watch as He infiltrates your soul with His incredible joy. "No guilt in life, no fear in death. Here in the power of Christ, I stand." ... He wants to raise you to new heights and He wants you to boldly run through torn veil into your Father's presence so that you can receive the grace that He made possible for you. Do you know how tremendously loved you are by Him? Let it release you, love. Freedom is waiting.