"daddy, look at me!"


"daddy look! look at me!"i did a cartwheel landing on my bottom immediately, i heard it that laugh…"you can’t do this.

He doesn’t care. He isn’t watching He is watching her. she’s better than you. stronger."  i wanted to run and hide. my hands over my ears didn’t stop the pain that came from the sound - "awww little one, come." + He scooped me up. "you are my favorite daughter, do you know that?"

He chuckled brushing my hair out of my face "i delight in watching you try new things, it is my daughters that i choose more for their weaknesses to do exploits that those

who everything seems to come easy i can shine the most uniquely brightest through" - He sat me in a soft patch of cool grace + said “ close your eyes “ i did smiling .. the cool wind... - he cupped my face pulling it close with eyes brimming with love like prisms displaying a rainbow of color everywhere my eyes could see + He whispered - "i believe in you daughter i SEE you. i see you. every second of everyday

before time ever was i SAW you.

i hand-crafted you with everything you  need for this assignment.

for your destiny when you take your eyes off of Me  off of My love for you it opens you up to  doubt + you doubt my love for you - i have you. keep looking at me.  i NEVER stop looking at you. I HAVE you.

i HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN you." He kissed my forehead.

His breath sending goosebumps through my whole body setting it on fire - a fire i’ve had since i can remember, "did you put fire in me Papa when you were creating me? " i giggled "oh my little firedaughter, just you wait, He tousled my hair - now go back out there and do some more cartwheels for Me?" + He carried me a ways out and sat me down and began to walk backward

His face never stopped watching me as He walked - "remember today - i SEE you."

--House of Belonging

This post was copied from an Instagram post that House of Belonging posted this morning along with this prayer photo that they sell in their shop.