A Beautiful Paradox


❤️☀️ You may walk through this life with stagnancy, feeling as though the next step is sadly just like the last. Or maybe you feel dead in your own skin. Or maybe your world is lack luster and you're just not seeing the product of anything your producing and it's just so hard for you to be proud of yourself, even though your past life is filled with accomplishments. I hope you know today that beautiful life is found outside of yourself in Christ, but wholly includes yourself. His truth is the most beautiful paradox ever written into human history, and if you need something to hold onto today I hope you hold on to knowing that He loves you more than you could ever fathom and if you'll spend time talking to Him He will show you just how much. His love is perfect, not permissive of evil or hurt, it doesn't bow down to what the world thinks, it speaks truth even when it isn't easy, but He is always love and He is always healing, and He is always pure. He has won my heart for my whole life. I pray He wins yours, too.