Sought After


"And you will be called Sought After, a City No Longer Deserted." ..... Sought after. By the living God. Sought after because we are SO loved. A City No Longer Deserted because we are loved SO much that our Father couldn't stand to see us hurt and alone. Pursued. By the Creator of the Universe. Do you know how loved you are? Do you know how valuable you are? The fullness of your value lies with the One who establishes you, not with the opinions of those you surround yourself with. It's source is everlasting to everlasting, it is love and it is light. The dark things of this world may parade as light but they are only parading around you in brilliant hues to grab the attention that belongs to Jesus so that they can try to take what BELONGS to Him. You are HIS and He is yours. Pay attention to what you're paying attention to. Why? Because your Father is madly in love with you and in hot pursuit of your heart, no matter what you've done. He's saying, "Leave that darkness and come. The fullness of my joy will absolutely astound you and completely override any temporary high the world could offer you. Come, my precious child. I've made a way." ... Sought After. That's your name.