•Wave after Wave•


In wave after wave ... •••So grateful His grace covers me when my grace can't. That His grace is overly sufficient when mine pales in comparison. That He shovels grace over me when I only extend spoonfuls of grace to myself and my people. He teaches me all about grace. Appropriate grace. Grace says, "I have found you and loved you right in the midst of yourself, and because my love isn't permissive of wrong I need you to know that I can't leave you where I found you because I love you too much to see you go there again. Will you stay close to my heart? Will you tune out the noise? Will you keep watch in the desert so I can speak to you in a burning bush? I want to make your path straight, and I want to include you in the process because I want you to hear My voice. I AM. And I will be what I will be. I want to set you free from "being," because when you accept my Son the "being" part of the equation is answered ... justified/adopted/sons and daughters. All I'm asking is for you to follow. Will you accept the freedom I'm offering? Let ME BE, you rest and follow. I'll craft you and mold you. 1,2,3 ... Eyes on Me."